Winter is the time when the condition of your car will be tested. With lower temperatures and snow, there are chances that even the smallest of faults will give you trouble. If you want to avoid these undesirable situations and save your vehicle from costly breakdowns due to harsh winter conditions, there are a few simple steps you can follow. We have compiled a checklist that you can refer to while preparing your car for the winter season.

Check Your Battery

If your car battery is not in the best of conditions, be...continue reading

The Toyota 4Runner for the model year 2021 is a rugged mid-size SUV on the market now. The vehicle also happens to be the least refined and the oldest. It has a sturdy construction and comes with off-road-oriented choices. However, it also has drawbacks in the form of its inefficient V-6 engine and plasticky interior.

However, Toyota has given a facelift to this classic vehicle by equipping it with a string of standard infotainment and driver-assist features. The cargo space offered by it is also worth mentioning...continue reading

The expert in the automotive industry and one of the celebrated Japanese manufacturers, Toyota is ready with the new launches for 2021. The lineup is interesting, with the likes of Toyota Corolla 2021, Camry 2021, Prius 2021, and others ready to see the light of the day in upgraded avatars.

With 2021 starting, being hit by the emerging SUV market, Toyota will unveil significant upgrades in the existing models. Below is a list of upgrades you can expect from Toyota in the approaching year of 2021:

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Toyotas Camry is often counted among the most popular and one of the best-selling sedan cars in America. Now, with the turn of the calendar, the car is going to undergo a few tweaks. These will enhance the car design and add more features. With the new driver-assist technology, the 2021 Toyota Camry will become the first model to get the new Safety Sense 2.5 Plus that adds more safety features to the sedan.

Features of Safety Sense

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Changing engine oil is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance. An oil change keeps the engine and its moving parts in a good condition. When you fail to change the oil regularly, dirt builds up in the system and causes it to overheat.

You can change your engine oil every time you fill gas. Inspecting oil by yourself is a good way to monitor oils health regularly.

Follow these simple steps to check your engine oil:

Check your Owners Manual

Your owners manual will tell you if a manual inspection is possible. Some vehicles...continue reading