Benefits of Toyota Road Sign Assist

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Benefits of Toyota Road Sign Assist

Everyone has heard of Toyota’s best feature – the Safety Sense 2.0. The Road Sign Assist is a brand new feature that was recently included.
What is Road Sign Assist?

A lot of times, especially when we’re in a hurry or distracted, we tend to miss important road signs. This can be really dangerous to the safety of all occupants of the car and the vehicles & people on the road. The Toyota Road Sign Assist technology has been designed to address this very problem. The Road Sign Assist is built with numerous state-of-the-art sensors that scan the surroundings of the car when in motion. If the sensors identify a road sign, they quickly evaluate what the sign actually means – Stop, Go Slow, Yield, Speed Limit, One Way, Divided Highway Crossing, Bike Lane, To Train Crossing, etc.

Once identified, the Road Sign Assist will alert the driver (using visual cues on the dashboard multimedia display and a buzzer sound).

How the Road Sign Assist benefits drivers

• It can save you from accidents The biggest benefit of the Toyota Road Sign Assist feature is that it can save drivers and passengers from road accidents by keeping them informed about the dangers that lie ahead.

• It can help you recognize the signs Sometimes, drivers fail to recognize road signs when they see them. The Road Sign Assist technology shows exactly what a sign means, in both image and word form. This way, drivers can know what they need to do next.

• It can help you maintain focus as you drive It's easy to lose track of your surroundings when you drive. But this can lead to missing out on important road signs. With its visual and audio cues, the Road Sign Assist can bring us back into focus as we drive and help us become more mindful.

• It can make you become a better driver Extended use of the Toyota Road Sign Assist technology can make drivers very well-acquainted with various road signs. So when they’re driving a car without the Road Sign Assist, they’ll still be very careful. If you’d like to experience Road Sign Assist first-hand, visit Deacon Jones Toyota to test drive Toyota cars in Goldsboro.

Source: Toyota