Signs That You May Need To Change Your Oil

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Signs That You May Need To Change Your Oil

Cars, like every other piece of machinery, need regular maintenance to perform flawlessly. One of the major (and also the most common) problems that can drag down an automobile’s performance is unclean engine oil. Your car’s engine oil lubricates different engine parts, which helps maintain the appropriate internal temperature and minimize friction. With time, oil accumulates sludge as well as dust and dirt particles, thereby undermining its ability to lubricate various engine parts. Unclean oil does more harm than good. Impure oil circulates dirt particles in your engine, impacting its constituents. So failing to renew oil regularly is a cardinal sin. Drivers know the importance of regular oil changes, but many aren't aware of the appropriate interval for periodic replenishments. We, in this post, take a look at a few signs that it's time to change your oil.

Dirty oil
You know it's time to change your oil when its color changes from dark ember (color of pure oil) to dark black. This happens when the fluid starts collecting dirt particles from the engine. Check your engine at least once every month. Take your dipstick out, clean it, and put it back in the oil tank. When you take it out for the second time and notice that the fluid is dark and thick, change your oil immediately.

Weird engine noises
Engine oil provides a protective barrier between components that prevents metal-on-metal contact. Unclean engine oil cannot perform this task. In the lack of a protective barrier, the friction between parts shoots up, resulting in increased engine sounds. If you ignore these noises, you will soon start hearing unnecessary knocking, roaring, and rumbling.

Illuminated Check engine oil light
One of the most common signs that you need to change your oil is an illuminated check engine oil light. A flashing oil change light on your vehicle’s dashboard is a sign that the oil in your car has reached critical levels. When this happens, don’t waste a minute before getting your oil topped off.

Excess exhaust
In most cases, excess vehicle exhaust is a sign that your engine oil is too old to function the way it should and must be changed immediately.

Source: Toyota