Toyota Remote Connect Explained | How To Unlock And Start Your Car With Your Phone or Watch

Toyota Remote Connect enables drivers to gain control of their vehicle via Google Assistant-enabled devices, Amazon Alexa, or Smartphone, and a few smartwatches.

To use Toyota Remote Connect, drivers should visit Android Play or Apple App Store and download the app. Then proceed to activate the app. Once logged in, drivers may access a variety of features from any location, such as:

  • Remote start your Toyota to warm it up during the winter or cool the interior
  • Door Unlock and Lock
  • Check for vehicle alerts and status
  • Remotely shut off the engine
  • Check your parking location
  • Check the car’s odometer reading, fuel level, etc.
  • To enable a guest driver to access the vehicle
  • To check the doors and windows of the vehicle.

How to Remote Unlock/Lock

Log into the Toyota Remote Connect app. There are unlock and lock icons placed on both sides of the start remote engine icon. Select and hold the Unlock or Lock icon for a second until a red rotating circle appears around the image.

Once this occurs, it indicates your request is successful. You will also receive a confirmation within a few seconds on your phone.

To ensure you don’t forget to lock your vehicle doors, the doors will automatically re-lock within a short time frame.

How to Start or Turn Off the Vehicle

Via the Toyota App, you may easily turn on or turn off the engine.

First, open the app. Select and hold the ‘Engine Start’ icon for at least one second. If successful, a red rotating circle will form around the icon. Within a few seconds, your phone will receive a confirmation indicating that the engine is on.

Follow the same steps to turn off the engine.

For safety purposes, the hybrid or engine system will operate for up to ten minutes and automatically shut off if action is not taken. If any door is opened, the engine will turn off to prevent an unexpected person from using your vehicle.

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Source: Toyota