What is the difference between an MPV and an SUV?

SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) are great choices for family vehicles or all-around driving. Their capacity to haul items/people has made it popular to use them. There are, however, differences between the two. 

SUVs can be used to drive over rough surfaces and conditions. They’re larger than regular cars but have a much stronger, sporty look with easy driving motors. 

An SUV’s interior aims to maximize driver comfort and is developed with high-quality materials. Greater passenger space is made available due to a larger size, which means long drives won’t have you feeling stuffed with other passengers – there’s enough space to make sure it’s a comfortable journey. The latest features that most SUVs are equipped with features that ensure you’re guided well through your adventure. 

If you like the thrill of a challenge, SUVs are the right option for you. The four-wheel-drive option also makes it possible for you to travel on regular as well as off-road conditions on adventures you won’t forget. 

MPVs, by contrast, generally can be used to shift a larger number of people from one place to another. They’re great in terms of practicality and can come in handy on adventures, but maneuvering them can prove challenging when compared to SUVs. 

SUVs typically make use of 4-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, with rear-wheel-drive available on some family models. However, MPVs typically have the front-wheel-drive option, which is what makes them unsuitable for bad terrains. 

SUVs tend to perform better in off-road situations than MPVs but are usually more expensive than MPVs. The initial cost of MPVs is also lesser due to their smaller engines as well as simple layout. MPVs, further, tend to have better fuel efficiency in comparison to SUVs. 

Here’s a list of both SUVs and MPVs on offer by Toyota. If you live in Fayetteville, Benson, or Goldsboro, visit Deacon Jones Toyota in Clinton, NC, to see them yourself. We can also take you through the Toyota 4Runner redesign.

Toyota SUVs

  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Rush
  • Toyota Prado
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Toyota C-HR
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota MPVs

  • Toyota Vellfire
  • Toyota Innova
  • Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Toyota Avanza
  • Toyota Avanza Veloz
  • Toyota Wish

Source: Toyota