2020 Tacoma vs. 2020 Tundra

Toyota, one of the most reliable names in the automobile industry, has been conquering roads for over 80 years. Exclusively manufactured in the USA, Tacoma and Tundra are two of Toyota’s legendary names in the pick-up truck segment. You can find these two rides at Deacon Jones, Clinton NC if you are staying in and around this area. The following article is a comprehensive analysis of the Tacoma vs Tundra debate based on their exterior and interior, engine power, and capacity. 

Exterior and Interior

The third-generation Tacoma, around since 2016, is a mid-size pickup truck, whereas the second-generation Tundra is full-size. When deciding between Tacoma vs Tundra, one of the most important decision points becomes the size. Both of these drives are available in extended (cramped rear seat) and crew cab (spacious rear seat) configurations. Depending on the type of cab configuration, the cargo space is 38 cubic feet (extended cab) and 47 cubic feet (crew cab) in Toyota Tacoma. Toyota Tundra also has an extended crew cab variant, which is relatively more spacious than its preceding version. The rear cargo space is 55 cubic feet (extended cab), 65 cubic feet (crew cab), and 81 cubic feet (extended crew cab) in Toyota Tundra. 

Mileage and Engine Power

Toyota Tacoma gives an option of two types of engines. The entry-level model of the engine has a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine giving 159 horsepower and 180-pound foot torque. The higher variant of the engine available has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that gives 278 horsepower and 256-pound foot torque. On the other hand, Toyota Tundra has a standard 5.7-liter V8 engine that provides 381 horsepower and 401-pound foot torque. Even though with such a robust engine, Tundra falls behind in mileage to Tacoma. It gives only a city + highway mileage of 15 miles per gallon as compared to Tacoma's 20 miles per gallon. But it gains points for having a higher payload of 1730 pounds and a towing capacity of 10,200 pounds in comparison to Tacoma's only 6,800 pounds and 1,620 pounds, respectively. 

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Source: Toyota