How to Use Toyota Smart Key and Push Button Start

Modern Toyota vehicles have a lot of advanced technology in them that helps to make the vehicle more user-friendly. However, if you are not familiar with these new technologies, you can easily become overwhelmed and unsure as to how best to use them. Read on to find out how you can use Toyota smart key and push-button start features.

Push Button Start

This is one of the newer features to be introduced in Toyota vehicles. It is a very convenient feature that is also easy to use. To use the push-button start feature, the first thing you need to do is hold the key fob inside the cabin. You can put the fob in your pocket or a cup holder. Next, put your vehicle into park mode and press the brake pedal. Now press on the push-button start to fire up the engine. To turn off the engine, you only need to ensure your vehicle is in park mode, after which you can press the button once more.

Toyota Smart Key Feature

This is another new feature that is available in most modern Toyotas. It is also a very futuristic feature that you should familiarize yourself with. This feature can help you unlock your Toyota without needing to hunt for your car keys. With the Toyota Smart Key feature, you can unlock the driver door as well as the passenger’s door and the boot of the car. All that you need to do is ensure you have the keys on your person. To unlock the door with this feature, place your fingers on the inside part of the door handles. This will automatically unlock the doors.

Now that you know how to use Toyota Smart Key and Push Button Start features, go ahead and visit our Deacon Jones Toyota dealership in Clinton, NC, serving the cities of Fayetteville, Benson, and Goldsboro. Chances are that you will be very impressed with what Toyota has to offer, and you should also be able to use these advanced features with minimum fuss or bother.

Source: Toyota