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Toyota SUV's

Toyota SUV’s | Deacon Jones Toyota

Shopping for a new SUV can be tough - there are so many to choose from! How do you know which one is perfect for you? We here at Deacon Jones Toyota of Clinton in Clinton, NC want you to make the best, most informed decision about your next SUV and want to provide you with the SUV fleet from Toyota and how to navigate through the options to find the perfect match for your budget and your lifestyle! Let’s get started.

Let’s take a look at the full-sized SUV options from Toyota. First, the Sequoia. This full-sized SUV is the epitome of family. Equipped with a ton of cargo room and room for the family, this SUV is perfect for those looking to get away as a family. You can choose between three different trim levels, the SR5, the Limited, and the Platinum, all offering the nicest creature comforts and hottest technology. If you are looking for a smooth-sailing family full-sized SUV, the Sequoia is for you. The Sequoia starts at $48,600. Next, the Land Cruiser.This spacious SUV offers room for eight and provides ample luxury, giving you and your passengers the finest experience. But don’t be fooled, this Land Cruiser is capable of a lot more than that. Its V8 engine gives it more brawn and muscle and the Land Cruiser is also capable of some off-roading, should the occasion arise. This full-size SUV is advanced in just about every way - offering the newest and freshest technological advances, all the while sporting leather trim-appointed seating, and much more. The Land Cruiser starts at $84,565.

What about the mid-size SUV options? Toyota has two, the 4Runner, and the Highlander. The 4Runner stands as Toyota’s legendary mid-size SUV with 4WD capability and an available V6 engine. This SUV comes in three trim levels, SR5, Trail, and Limited. This mid-size is perfect for the adventurous that is not afraid to use their 4WD to get through some tough terrain. Discover your inner adrenaline-junky with the all-new 4Runner. The 4Runner starts at $34,810. Next, the Highlander. The Highlander serves as a faithful mid-size SUV, but has room for 8! If you are looking for a family-friendly mid-size SUV, then the Highlander is for you. Packed full with some of Toyota’s most innovative safety features, this mid-size SUV will keep you safe and provide smooth-sailing. The Highlander starts at $31,230. And if you are really wanting to reduce your carbon footprint and want to see the world become a greener place, or, you just want to forget trips to the gas station, consider the Highlander Hybrid! Yes, it’s gas. Yes, it’s electric. The Highlander Hybrid is the best of both worlds! The Highlander Hybrid starts at $36,870.

Lastly, the crossover. The crossover is quickly becoming the hottest trend, offering both the maneuverability of a small vehicle and the room of a small SUV, this vehicle is perfect for someone that is either looking to downsize from their bigger SUV or the person who wants just a bit more room than they are used to. Toyota offers you the RAV4. This is a sleek crossover that also both comes in standard gasoline and Hybrid models, so choose wisely! This crossover will be a blast to drive and will offer exceptional fuel economy along the way.

So, which is for you? Stop by Deacon Jones Toyota of Clinton today and give them a spin! We know yours is here waiting for you.

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