Toyota Small Sedans: The Yaris iA vs. the Corolla?

Toyota has delivered many cars over the years that have been well received and appreciated. Two of its most popular sedans remain the Yaris iA and the Corolla. In a race between which one out of the two is better, here are some features of the sedans that can help you pick the most suitable car.


Both the sedans come with a single-engine. While the Corolla is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine with 4 cylinders, the Toyota iA comes with a 1.5-liter engine with 4 cylinders. The horsepower on Corolla ranges between 132 and 140, whereas, the horsepower on the Yaris iA is comparatively low at 106. But since Yaris Toyota iA is a smaller car, it does not require as much horsepower.


The 2018 Toyota Yaris iA is the smaller car. The Corolla has additional headroom of 0.3 inches and legroom of 7 inches in the rear seats. The Corolla also offers 0.1 inches more headspace in the front, along with 0.4 inches of extra leg space. The Corolla is particularly more comfortable for tall individuals, people with bigger families and pets, or the elderly who may like more space.


The Yaris iA is equipped with a pre-collision system for the brakes. But the car does not contain the brand’s trademarked Toyota Safety Sense that is a dominant feature in the Corolla. The Corolla also offers features like alerts for lane departure, automated high beam, cruise control, and more.


It’s hard to compare vehicles as each offers its unique features. The choice to buy a car also depends on your requirements and budget. They are both great in their own way. While the Corolla overshadows the Yaris iA in some ways, it is also the more expensive option out of the two.

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Source: Toyota